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Searching for Satoshi

In a Miami courtroom on Monday November 22nd Craig Steven Wright is set to take the stand in his own defense against Ira Kleiman. Dr Wright is being sued for ~500,000 Bitcoins and a treasure trove of Bitcoin related Intellectual Property valued at approximately 60+ Billion USD.

In this case both the Plaintiff and Defendant accept that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. What’s at stake is whether Dave Kleiman and Craig Wright were partners and if Dave Kleiman was an instrumental part in the creation of Bitcoin. Dave Kleiman passed away in 2013. Ira Kleiman is suing Dr Wright on behalf of his dead brother’s claim to the Satoshi coins.

While the two parties in the case accept that Craig Wright is at least part of the Satoshi Nakamoto team what’s missing is proof that Craig Wright IS Satoshi. This has been the cliffhanger of this case. Will Dr Wright prove he is Satoshi or not? Can Dr Wright prove that he alone is Satoshi and that Dave Kleiman was involved as a dear friend and confidante but was not part of the invention of Bitcoin? If yes then the courts could decide that Craig is the rightful sole owner of over 1,000,000 Bitcoins.

Despite the large dollar value and potential impact on the entire crypto space the case has been mostly under reported until last week. Here’s a summary from the NY Post. An interesting quote from the story:

But by May 2016, he (Wright) had reversed course. Wright vowed to cash out some of Satoshi’s coins in order to prove that he was Satoshi. Then he backed out with a claim, according to Bitcoin magazine , that the transaction could reveal an early “security flaw … that would make it risky for him to move Bitcoin, exposing him to exploitation or theft.”

This could be significant because if Dr Wright secured his coins in a transaction that is now insecure due to changes made by BTC Core development team he could seek a court order to move the coins after proving ownership.

Dr Wright has stated on numerous occasions that this case will end with Satoshi coins moving. Wright (possibly) confirmed this again as late as last week in a comment to Kurt Wuckert when asked about next week’s testimony and Dr Wright stated “I said the coins” and walked away.

This is all speculation and no one knows for sure what will happen on Monday. Dr Wright’s testimony could be a bombshell or a nothing burger.

But if the Satoshi coins move the markets will react violently. Plan accordingly.

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Crazy Times Ahead

I’ve been posting on iBC for nearly 9 years. Most of my posts have been about Crypto and for the past several years heavily focused on BSV.

While most people follow the moonbois I’ve been conversing with the smartest people I can find and those people have been signaling the truth about BSV and Craig Wright for many years. Example from way back in 2016!

Meanwhile the BTC crowd hangs on every tweet from lazer eyed cat avatars posting exponential charts and discussing the latest 250k target that is just around the corner.

But BSV is called the cult.

This week the Kleiman vs Wright trial resumes and the bombshells should start dropping regarding verifiable proof in a court of law that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin.

It’s been a long time coming, let me tell you.

Do I know how this will turn out? No, but I have narrowed it down to a set of possibilities most of which are very good for me and very bad for the rest of Crypto.

I’m not interested in convincing anyone of who Satoshi is or if BSV is Bitcoin. I’m done with that conversation. But I will share that no matter what your positions are in the markets it’s silly at this point to not hedge with a BSV position pending the outcome of the trial.

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The world is getting closer to resolution on an important but as of now still under-reported revelation. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The process for this revealing is happening in a Miami courtroom and may be resolved as soon as December 1st.

I’m going to clue you in on something, Satoshi Nakamoto is not a normal person. Anyone who can have the depth of knowledge in the many diverse areas of expertise necessary to architect an achievement like Bitcoin is anything but normal.

At issue is whether long time crypto pariah Craig Wright comes to the table with the proof he has promised regarding his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s an epic tale and the books / movies to follow will be best sellers.

It’s no surprise to me that the man claiming to be behind the Satoshi moniker is also anything but normal. In fact, he’s a bit mental. As the denoument to this ongoing drama draws near Craig Wright has upped the ante by threatening, well, everybody. Quote below from the Metanet.ICU slack group.

Ironically, the COPA case will fall apart before it even starts.

In a few weeks, the case will end, and the evidence will show that I created bitcoin, alone.

Oh, an injunction to seize a domain takes less than an hour to obtain.

Coinbase could vanish from the Internet in a moment

They are my 1st head

Then Core.

Every dev will capitulate or be enjoined

And, that is from SegWit on.

Resignation now, meaningless

I hope they fight.

I made the offer, I prefer the rejection

I want their heads

I am doing this Genghis Khan style

I am assuming his Genghis Khan statement references how Genghis Khan, when conquering a new territory with 10 villages, would completely raze one village as a message to the remaining nine villages. Succumb to me or be destroyed. Craig Wright, who has quoted himself as being “everything”, is hell bent on going Genghis Khan style.

Do I think going Ghenghis Khan is a great idea? Fuck no. But I don’t have a galaxy brain and possible keys to close to, what latest rumors say, may be over 2 million BTC, BCH, and BSV. Holy shit. That’s beyond nuclear capability, that’s a freaking crypto Death Star.

Craig Wright has made some outlandish statements in the past. What’s different this time around is that there could be very expensive legal repercussions if he doesn’t follow through. The trial resumes Monday November 15th.

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Satoshi Nakamoto on the Stand

Craig Wright takes the stand today in his own defense in the Kleiman v. Wright trial.

At stake are 1,100,000 BTC, BCH and BSV currently valued at over 65B dollars.

Dr. Wright is known to have a combative personality. I expect fireworks as the plaintiff’s lawyers will go after every opportunity to provoke Dr. Wright into harming his own defense with outbursts of the Tom Cruise vs Jack Nicholson variety.

The facts are that in the first week of the trial the Kleiman team have produced ZERO evidence that Dave Kleiman had a partnerships to mine Bitcoin with Craig Wright. However, this is a civil case with a jury comprised of Miami, FL residents. I am not a lawyer but I believe that civil cases with a jury have shown very unpredictable outcomes and damage settelements. It’s anyone’s game to this point.

Crypto is not prepared for the “truth”. Dr Wright has been hinting at revealing information regarding his creation of Bitcoin and many other bombshells. Now, it would be misleading to not mention that there are numerous instances of Dr Wright alleging major moves that never panned out. Will this time be different? This is Dr Wright’s put up or shut up moment as losing this case would cost him billions of dollars in Bitcoin. I’m tracking the case closely because if Craig Wright proves himself to be Satoshi in a court of law, well, that would be PRICELESS.

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Day 2 of Kleiman vs Wright is nearing completion. The mid day update was that “Mastering Bitcoin” author Andreas Antonopolous was cross examined by Craig Wright’s defense team. The defense put forth the theory that Andreas was not a Bitcoin expert but instead a social media celebrity with an economics education equivalent to a high schooler as well as lacking impartiality due to his personal financial interest in Dr Wright losing the case.

Mercifully they did not submit this picture of Andreas into evidence.

One of the best summaries of the current BSV landscape is provided by Unbounded Capital. I highly recommend reading the entire post. The overview section states:

A Florida civil suit over the $70+ billion Satoshi fortune that started November 1st could lead to broad market awareness that Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. This could have significant short term price impacts on Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), a version of Bitcoin which Craig Wright is heavily associated with and endorses as “the real Bitcoin”. We believe that the market has an outdated perception of Craig Wright and the potential that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Additional scrutiny of existing evidence due to the high profile nature of the trial as well as the potential for new evidence presented in trial could significantly change public sentiment regarding the likelihood that Craig Wright is Satoshi. We believe this could result in a rapid and significant price increase for BSV, due to its association with Craig Wright, its technical merits and market traction which have been overlooked to this point, and in part because of its accessibility to retail investors via Robinhood. BSV is also one of the most shorted cryptos, meaning that there is potential for both a short squeeze and a gamma squeeze, the latter in part due to positions held by Unbounded Capital.

The outcome of this trial could reshape the entire 1 trillion dollar crypto market. Are you paying attention?

The rubber has met the road. It’s all or nothing from here.


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