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Fool’s Gold

Let’s say it like it is: it’s been a tough six months for bullish BSV traders.

I am reminded of the market adage:

The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

Irrational is an understatement.

We are living in an upside down financial world: Black is white. Buying bankrupt company stock is a foolproof money maker. TSLA valuations are greater than the rest of the auto industry combined. Closed economies are bullish. Staked DeFi tokens can pay 75% returns in perpetuity. Public company CEO’s are buying mass quantities of BTC.

This is Idiocracy applied to the Financial World. Like frogs in a slowly boiling pot of water we have are numb to how crazy the markets have become. Fool’s Gold indeed.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are an investor’s worst enemy. I’ve had all three in ample quantity the past few months.

Fundamentals are difficult to keep in focus when the world is upside down. In the face of this I have double checked my math and reviewed the models. The fundamentals for BSV remain sound.

BSV is definitely battered but not beaten.

The Mayer Multiple indicator for BSV is nearing a buy signal again. I have written about the Mayer Multiple signal here and tweeted about it multiple times during the last down cycle of BSV.

BSV is nearing the Mayer Multiple buy signal again. This has been a reliable signal and only comes at the extremes of cycles.

The current global market trends have baffled many experts. Sanity will (must) return and at that time those who can see true value will be richly rewarded.

Oh, and one more thing:

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  1. mt_coffin

    >Fear, uncertainty and doubt are an investor’s worst enemy. I’ve had all three in ample quantity the past few months.

    really? it seems like you’ve just been YOLO long BSV while castigating and mocking any thesis that isn’t muh scaling. this might seem more credible if you at least entertained the idea that BSV isn’t the only acceptable answer right now

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    • CoinSpeak

      I’ve revisited other scenarios time and again and none of them stack up against BSV. Yeah, I may be wrong. I may be a broken record. But I don’t think so. I’m just early.

      BSV is a risk. But no other coin has a shot at global usage. Show me otherwise and I’ll give your suggestion consideration. Till then I suggest trying on what I’m saying. At 65:1 BTCBSV ratio it’s easy to hedge into some BSV if you already have BTC

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