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Markets Careen Lower in Post $NVDA Earnings Panic

Apathy has officially gripped the minds of traders. We no longer cling to Hello Kitty’s $GME tweets, nor do we press higher off the back of better than expected results at $NVDA. We, instead, COLLAPSE into the fucking graveyard, down by 600 fucking Dow points, and a lot worse in the trenches.

High beta stocks got racked for 3.3% and breadth was abhorrent 15%. If you don’t mind, I’d like to roast myself, once again, and remind readers that it was just the other day when I declared “THERE WASN’T A BEAR CASE TO BE MADE”, good Sirs. If you must know, I wrote that blog under the influence of plenty of coffee and I wore a powdered white wig while doing it, as you would expect from a man in my station.

So what next? Well I don’t have any more magic tricks in my hat, as my bullish fervor, once displayed like a fucking peacock on a highway, has been Mack Trucked with my guts now splayed out across the earth.

I tried my best to stem the flow of blood from my trading account and managed to limit my losses to just 23bps. However little it might appear, I am mentally down 90% this month and although my losses are in fact less than 1% for May, it isn’t a consolation for a person, such as myself, who is not only accustomed to the rarefied air of success but in fact a person who creates his own environ.

I will need to meditate on these items and direct my energy into more profitable venues in the not too distant future.

In about a two days I will be turning 48, an abhorrent age and I’d be lying to you if I said “time just flew by.” Only idiots say that, who cling onto yesterday because tomorrow looks bleak. I have, in fact, a very bright future ahead of me, in spite of the obvious limited numbers of years, actuarially speaking, left in my timeline. Some of us die sooner than others and although my life, at times, seems to be filled with nothing but chaos and tumult, I sincerely give an effort to improve myself and the people I influence. I do not covet others and wish my fellow man well in his endeavors. However, that will not stop me from posting videos of black people stealing shit at Target, or discussing the cuckholds in our government who appear to be working at the behest of anyone but America.

I am merely a ripple in a very large body of water with wild currents and storm systems overhead, manifesting my small piece of equanimity and success, in my remote corner of the world, reaching out to you now with the message to fuck yourselves and to clear the fuck out of my way, for my revenge is coming soon and my gains will be fantastical and all of you will regret making memes about my person (Stocklabs), for when I do achieve the elusive success I speak of, It will be ominous for you, for I will directly inflict bodily harm onto you (Minecraft) and make sure your hands are cleaved the fuck off and you’re never able to make memes again.

Have a pleasant evening.

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  1. alaric

    ripple, brings back memories of panhandling and drinking Ripple on the corner of Grant and and Green. Then going to Washington Square and drinking a bit more. It was mellow in ‘70 and fun. No AI then except in some science fiction. Do you remember nvda at 15?

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