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My Birthday Gift to You

There are some things that offer inexorable upside with barely any downside. These investments are rare and only present themselves on rare occasions. My entire life has been marked with an everlasting race towards something I’m not sure what I was after. I once mentioned here that in one year I watched over 450 movies, read countless books, in a frantic attempt to “find truth.” The truth can be discovered in all sort of human creativity, the stories and the lessons passed on through generations, venerable facts of life.

In spite of being a learned man, I’ve also been blocked by a boiling rage inside of me and this has always been with me ever since I was a young boy. I recall using this anger to succeed, using this feeling inside of me as motivation to exact some bizarre revenge on enemies, both real and imagined. It’s a vindictive cycle that doesn’t real meld with living a happy life, replacing equanimity with consumerism and this false ideal of success.

At any rate, do me a favor for my 48th birthday, which is tomorrow, and watch this video starting at 2 mins.

I’ve just starting to meditate and feel somewhat of a fool for only now accepting that this could be a form of self control that is beneficial. I only post this in the off chance that it can help someone too. We all yearn for dynamic and eternal peace. This doesn’t mean we can’t fight for the things we deem as good and just, but perhaps it could remove some of the negative emotions that block our creativity.

In my next post I will make sure to discuss chopping off the heads enemies, to reinstate balance to this blog, otherwise you might think me soft.

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