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Part of Being Good is Getting Lucky

I used to attribute my good fortune to “the Gods” when referring to a magical like event in the stock market that made me money. Yesterday I closed the session with a wide swath of stocks, all long, and they just happened to work out this morning.

I had $TSLA, $FNGU, $ANET and many others, all up and with verve. With Tesla, the shareholders voted to dole out Elon’s $56b and that was viewed as good news in order to retain Elon.

I ended up selling everything, including $GME, because I focus on the macro, the bigger picture of the account, and do not lower myself to become depraved and solely focusing on stock stories and drama to fill a hole in my heart or life.

See pal, unlike you I have a life. After this blog, I might go walk the fucking dogs, or perhaps go food shopping with Mrs Fly, where we can cavort, if you will, up and down the aisles picking out overpriced delicacies at Whole Foods.

Into the afternoon, I’m in cash and things will stay that way.


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