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Update on Trading Session

We have numerous trading halts and the NYSE was broken for much of the morning, post $GME ramp. Since mid morning we’ve been diving lower and I have been trading frantically in an effort to stem the tide. My gains have been reduced from +0.75% to 0.3% and I am trying my best to be patient. However, the plunging nature of the market makes it difficult, with the down now off by more than 400. We went from risk aversion off to risk aversion on to collapse. The varying degrees of trickery are at play here and in abundance.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful we can stabilize into the waning hours and produce something less than disastrous here. There are plunging bond yields coupled with plunging oil prices and cataclysm in the markets. If I didn’t know better, I’d say markets were pricing in a slower than expected economy, which only makes sense if you take the PMI numbers seriously and ignore earnings reports at $NVDA, $DKS, $BBY and other quarterly beats.

To make sense of my trading session, I will list my buys and sales here and open positions.

Opening positions were liquidated:
BITX sold 47.96
QCOM sold 209.9
TSM sold 156.56
TGT sold 151.93
BAC sold 39.98
HD sold 331.51
FAST sold 65.97
ADM sold 61.95
EBAY sold 53.98
RTX sold 107.66
BJ sold 87.3
HAL sold 36.5
BOOT sold 122.37
EXPE sold 114.23
CL sold 92.35
ULTA sold 391.4
KHC sold 35.21

Day trades
b byon 15.73
s byon 15.77

b sq 64.44
s sq 63.98

b tjx 104.63 open
b regn 997.23 open
b qsr 69.77 open

b se 68.68
s se 69.32

b bynd 7.88
s bynd 7.74

b okta 90.57
s okta 89.27

b fslr 276.67
s fslr 279.38

b mrk 128.65 open

b uvix 6.38
s uvix 6.51

b uvix 6.47
s uvix 6.63

b apd 270.47 open
b lly 831.95 open

b biib 232.25
s biib 228.34

b kmb 135.36 open

b etsy 64.39
s etsy 65.13

b meta 478.67 open

b hood 21.61
s hood 20.84

b lh 197.72
s lh 195.29

b mu 127.16
s mu 125.79

b fslr 281.22 open

b tza 18.18
s tza 18.49

b sqqq 10.18 open
b sqqq 10.23 open

b byon 15.65
s byon 15.51

b lot 10.09
s 1ot 10.40

b soxs x2 28.77 open

b sq 64.33 open
b etsy 65.38 open
b duol 197.19 open
b pm 102.16 open
b bitx 45.34 open

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