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Good day —

I just got back from my dog walk and when I left my residence for the rugged country clubbed streets, I was flat for the session. Upon returning I was delighted to see my fortunes have increased to +50bps. I am in total control and now posses upwards of 75% cash, fully confident to achieve another 1-2% this week to close at recourd highs.

It’s important that I tell you these things. After all, if I don’t who will? Lucky for you, all of my trades are recorded in real time inside Stocklabs. Whilst I have more than 10x’d my account in the past 3 years, you’d be shocked to learn that many of the people who joined Stocklabs end up in shambles and absolute ruin.

This of course is no fault of my own — but the human nature. I am told there are people out there who visit the doctor fat and slow, who are told to lose weight and exercise more, and instead of doing that eat more food in front of the TV. The same applies with a chat trading room, whereby the ego of men kick in and after a time believe me to be fallible and sashay on their own in an attempt to be better than Le Fly.

This is folly. I am and will always be the very best trade you’ll ever come across. I might not be the best today or this week or even this year. But over time you will come to understand, and perhaps appreciate, that my adaptability is second to none.

Still bullish — but taking a breather here and waiting for a few solid red candles.

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