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Summer Doldrums Looms

Hello fuckers —

It appears trading from the gym isn’t always a good idea. I am now down 1.05% amidst the smallish rally we have going on which has laid waste to my LABD/UVIX hedges. I am not sure about what I might do — but I am pretty sure I am committed to lower prices for stocks.

The weather is beginning to get balmy and the cocaine pink. The satanic order of America is enjoying their killings and subsequent crimes and there is a general malaise over Sodom.

I just interrupted myself from writing this blog to buy myself a basket of SAAS stocks for the summer. I will probably sell them inside 15 mins should they go up 1%; but it’s fun to pretend.

Not much else to discuss. We have a war going and Russia isn’t very scary with their words anymore. I suppose if Russia was to, let’s say, carpet bomb Poland or Germany — that might get the VIX levels elevated. However, the Medvedev threats to England just aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s a bit of a conundrum for Moscow — having to decide whether to initiate a war against NATO for NATO’s involvement into Ukraine. If Russia does bomb Poland and start a war, they are almost assuredly going to face a very hard war. If they continue to play this faggot game of pretending, they’ll be killing Ukrainian soldiers for the next 30 years. The Zelensky scammers want no part of Russian peace deals and are very happy to spend Ukrainian lives in order to remain in power. If Zelensky lost power then America would lose their grip on Ukraine and I believe that’s not part of the deal Blinken gave Zelensky. So, we are in a quagmire, you can call it revenge for Russia’s involvement in both the Korean and Vietnam wars — when they provided America’s enemies with weapons and support in the same manner we are doing so now.

Should America prevail against Russia now, we will have a thousand years of GLOBOHOMO to enjoy in all of its transvestite splendor.

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