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Since November or December of last year I used the Stocklabs weekly version of the quant to assist me in trading. The net result was good, with only one down month during the period.

But, like in life, all things die or whither away until otherwise useless. You have to understand, I am a person in need of non-stop adulation lest I might feel a little peckish. I closed out the trading day on Friday with an all long book out from hell and closed it out today for +185bps. Who can stop me?

Normally, I’d just smoke my estate pipe and let the weekly quant take over, as I talked extreme shit to my paying customers inside SL. But not today! I shall take the reins myself and run this fucking horse to the finish line, or off a cliff whereby I’ll hope the Gods blessed my stallion with the fortitude to swim to shore.

The current thought is stocks need to go up — because AI and other bullshit. People are generally fooled into believing all sorts of rubbish, such as a vaccine cure for the flu or America’s enemies are just mad at our freedoms, or Ukraine is a democratic state.

Look, I am an expert and a professional investor. I am entitled to behave like I am now, so do not try to replicate at home.

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  1. rigged game

    Roger McNamee is one of the .001% that are NOT “balls and all”
    in on the Artificial Intelligence “AI” bullshit. The hype of the century.

    I suspect Warren Buffet thiinks like Roger does.

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  2. indie

    What’s going on fly?

    Fucking effeminate men wearing fucking sneakers in the oval office. Sure sign of degeneracy. Your country, ruling empire of the free world is going to shit.
    Like Roman says: “it’s all bullshit”.

    Coming up next, meetings in the oval office in crotch packing bermuda shorts.

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