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Rainy Day Missive

It’s a very cold and rainy day in NC. This is a good thing since it means my seasonal allergies will be relieved and I can get back to trading well on Monday. I’ve dispatched the Indians to redesign iBankCoin — but it’s taking much longer than expected. Hopefully we can finish the job before May and finally get a new look around here.

As for stocks: I offer no predictions because they’re meaningless. We know the market is bad and we know it can also rally, so we have to play it day by day.

Come May, I depart for Europe to see it before it gets destroyed. I figured now is a nice opportunity to take pictures in front of Harrods, Eiffel Tower, and the Tower of Pisa before they’re gone.

On other areas of concern, I am still reading avidly, now into Le Carre novels, Camille by Dumas — and several others. There is never a pause in my reading.

The news out there is pretty fucking wild in America, as the trannies bust loose from their mental asylums and wreak havoc across the landscape. There isn’t a political solution to any of our decadent problems, so I’d rather not engage with people with different views in an effort to change them. I don’t want to change anyone — but I can live in equanimity amongst nearly anyone — providing you are peaceful and don’t partake in wanton acts of degeneracy.

On the war front, it appears Ukraine is plotting for its next big adventure to defeat Russian forces. Imagine being tasked with the job to dislodge a far superior foe in fortified zones in a war that is systemic to them. It’s hard to see how we don’t get involved with this war at some point, with troops on the ground.

Since the weather is shitty, I’ll use the day to read, shop for food, and clean up.

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  1. barbee

    Have a wonderful vacation Boss. While your temporary absence will be keenly felt, your Pelicans can and will get along without you for a bit.

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  2. john galt

    James redfield, enjoy the vacay…. wow it’s already into April

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  3. soupbone

    I plan a nice trio of midsize city visits: Stockholm, Munich, Seville. 3 days in London at the end.

    OPEC+ will force big things to happen again. Not zero $ per barrel like 2020, this time $100+ is more to their liking. And my liking also, for several reasons. And now we have Exxon talking up the Permian. Talking up because who announces a potential merger with Pioneer when it isn’t actually formalized?

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