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Long Volatility Hedge Just in Case of Fed Fuckery

For the recourd, I hate the Fed and everything is stands for. Some of you might hate it too — but trust me I hate it more. The evil empire only exists due to the banking system and all of its hand wringing. The banks as a cabal are bad enough — but to have a central bank doing fucked up shit like the FOMC is deserving of punishments being doled out.

Alas I am not naive and understand the power of them and know “nothing will happen.” But one can dream. They haven’t figured out how to stop dreaming yet.

Into the FOMC decision, I have a 10% hedge in UVIX — because any chicanery will be met with profound put buying protection.

I had hedged coming into today, which were sold as per usual. I am now +55bps waiting for the ax to fall.

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