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Here is the Secret to Investment Success

Observe these two account — Fly Holdings is my tactical trading and the SL Quant is based off the Stocklabs algos allocated once per month. Fly Holdings also uses quant picks but using the weekly technical scores instead of monthly. For the most part, the picks are nearly identical. But look at the returns — one is +0.6% and the other is +32%

How? Why?

Understand something and know whom you are reading? All of those gains were done via using margin — bulking up on longs or more importantly hedging with 3x ETfs. While the world got their brains blown out in March, Le Fly extended his cock another 6%. And that’s the secret to investment success: you have to be me.

Sure, you can try and you might even outpace me for brief periods of time. But in the long run, like in most things in life — the cream rises to the top.

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  1. bambam

    Yeah but the amount of time you spent moving money around with day trading vs just taking a nap and making coin. And the tax bullshit. I’ll take Quant… I have other shit to do

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