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Look at me — FULLY LEVERAGED at 143% of equity without hedges into the maelstrom of a harsh Intel miss and collapse.

The Gods blessed me today, as they always do — propelling me to gain another 1.76% for the day. It was a display in stock market mastery — trading around a fully long book at first very poorly and giving up my gains to later in the session recovering my footing and riding the bull into the close near the highs.

I’d like to tell you that my fortune is by chance, or even happenstance. I’d also like to tell you that “The Fly” lives a charmed life due to his stock market prowess and success. None of that is true. However impossible to match me or ever outstrip me, you should find solace and comfort in the fact that you ought to respect me and when you come here, or chance upon me on Twitter or in Stocklabs — you should display that respect as any gentleman would.

A tip of that hat will do.

In the after hours things are looking bleak post Intel miss. Nevertheless, I remain steadfast in my firm and obstinate belief that stocks are going up. I want to believe. I want to forget all of the bad things and only remember the good — erase the nightmares I’ve had of tranny marines on the front lines with Russia launching cluster bomb munitions into a battalion of armored vehicles outside of Warsaw.

If I could only focus on one thing and forget about everything else — it would be the stocked market and I’d be happy, cheerful even, concerned only with the letters and numbers. Alas, I cannot do that and am cursed by curiosity and possess questions. These questions are a toxin that worsens one’s life, while at the same time making one believe he is living with purpose. All nonsense.

The only purpose I have, at this mid-stage time in my life, is to provide others with a service to make their lives better, principally my family. Everything else is, in the big scheme of things, senseless.

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