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And you’re nothing.

Asshole, what the fuck are we talking about here? We’re making coin again — that’s what the fuck we are talking about. You want to compete with me, +266bps for the sesh? I don’t think so.

I’m 100% cash now because that’s what I do each Monday: I GO TO CASH. I then wait until after 12pm to relocate 100% long based on astrological charts.

I look at the planets and the moon, and directly into the sun, and decide the fate of myself and my family in that manner.

The market is hot. Everything is exploding. I’m not the only person making coin here; but I will outlast and outshine 99% of you on a long enough time frame.

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  1. macpatton

    you used to be in interesting

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  2. metalleg

    I would like a word with the 1%.

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