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I finished the session +240bps, OFF 50bps from the highs. Although sad over this COLLAPSE on my PNL, I believe I remedied this by LEVERAGING LONG at 140% of my equity into that I believe will be a grandiose short squeeze, by which the skulls of the bears will be pressed heavily into a vice — cracking them like graham crackers, causing their brains to spill out into the sewers below.

I don’t care if I give back here, for I am +8% MTD and can afford to give back 4% in a session and still be on pace for outperformance. I will, you should know, be correct most times and most times make markets gains of the exceptional varietal.

I am where I am now, at RECOURD HIGHS, not because I am a good stock picker. There are plenty of those to go around, some even better than me. I am here at RECOURD HIGHS now because I understand how to manage risk during the bad times and preserved my gains carefully, babied them, in order to extend my fist into the market during ebullience.

Explaining this to you is on par with a rocket scientist telling a class filled with 9th graders how space works.

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