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The Bull is Back

I will keep this simple and direct.

I was a bear, but now I am not. I want the market to trade down 99% — but it won’t.

I have survival instincts and want to believe; therefore I shall almost always respect what the price action is telling me. I cannot be more emphatic about this close and how important it was: The Bull is Back (at least for now).

The true test will be on Monday when markets usually dip.

Having said that, I closed 143% leveraged long, no hedges. I traded myself out of an early hole today, due to some massive shorts held overnight and closed +1.04%. This isn’t great performance and I know it — but that’s ok. My gains of 5.6% YTD are pedestrian and you’d expect it from just about any civilian long this market. That’s ok too.

My trading has been careful and deliberate — but I am grateful for what I can achieve, as long as it’s progress, and I look forward to finding my tape that will result in some outperformance. This happens to be the perfect tape for me: momentum oriented climbing a wall of worry. All I need to complete this bespoke environment is a theme. I might have one soon.

Stay tuned and join Stocklabs you miserly pieces of shit. iBC ad rates are into the floor, practically zero. How else do you expect me to feed ANTIFA FLY in Boston away at school?


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  1. it is showtime

    Hard landing InComing

    Anyone that fell for the opex, last vestiges of ladled buybacks, stealthily hawkish recent fedspeak
    as bull sign returned should be ball, and chained, during regular trading hours with, a squeezy
    clown horn honking each hour

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  2. purdy

    Chair of the Joint Chiefs talked about a negotiated end to our war with Russia …maybe this accounts for the strong close? I went full short in the afternoon. I pray the optimists are right and that I lose on this trade.

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