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We’re down hundreds more and the DAX is down more than 3%, as the Ukraine braces for a Russian invasion. The Russian markets are off by 6% and it seems NATO will use Ukraine as a pretext to finally lure Russia into war, a bucket list item for bastards everywhere.

As we heave over and keel, the markets are violently crashing lower. I sold my UVXY hedge and now I’m naked to the markets, having been tricked into believing a morning flush and rally was in order. But that doesn’t seem to be happening now, so I can only hope and pray and then pray some more.

Shorting here is ok only if paired with longs. If we reverse higher today, it would be textbook capitulation and could be a fantastic run. IF.

But if we close at the lows, we’ll likely flush out again tomorrow.

BTW: if you think stocks are bad, look at cryptos.

My only positions are LABU and WCLD.


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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler

    Ugh…this is exactly the kind of price action I hate and didn’t want to see. A slow painful grind lower please and thank you…

    Instead stocks are hemorrhaging and commodities including energy are generally bleeding out also. BUT, commodities are interspersed with green just enough to fuck with me.

    And bond yields are lower but just a wee bit.

    Thanks life. Couldn’t make this easy.

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  2. iflyjetzzz

    A complication is the Fed meeting on Wednesday.
    Today is not likely to bounce; the daily margin calls will continue to drag this down along with fund redemptions.

    I’ll watch price action on Tuesday for a tradeable bounce, but if the markets continue to fall tomorrow, I’ll probably buy a bit on Wednesday in front of the Fed.

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