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A Fine Ramp

After 3pm we had a dip but that dip was sopped up and we ramped into the close, cementing today as a great day for MOMO traders. There was, however, discernible weakness in small caps — causing me to hedge against the Russell while positioning for tomorrow in an array of larger capped stocks from all industries.

I am purposely eschewing riskier investments in favor of high win rate bets, presently +4.3% for October. If I could double said gains I will be happy. While some of the people/traders/misfits inside Stocklabs made 10% today alone, I view those returns as rather ribald and prefer a more austere mode of investment — one designed to adhere to traditional money management methods.

While the lambo driving FIN-TWIT cognoscenti continues to diamond hand their investments into assured destruction, “The Fly” plods along steadily increasing his wealth in a classic tortoise vs hare race towards victory.

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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler

    You best all be running home, boys. What comes next is man’s work.

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  2. edge

    BTC about to go mainstream with a futures based ETF.
    Papers filed, SEC silent. If the SEC doesn’t reject the filing by Monday it’s a deal.

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