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No Stopping Thru Black Friday

Next week, starting Monday morning, Le Fly will begin drinking in earnest. I will drink while playing tennis, trading stocks, even while trading. I will end my alcoholic binge on Thanksgiving and then give it up till St. Patrick’s Day, where every single Irishman in the world cooks bland food in beer.

I am having a fine day, +200bps ++ and pleased with my trading positions. I do not believe we’ll trade down until Black Friday. The expectations are so low, I doubt we’ll trade down until Cyber Monday. You should, however, prepare for fuckery. The COVID numbers are getting worse and we’re not betwixt the reality of shutdowns and the euphoria of MOAR.

While comforting, do not rest on your laurels, otherwise you’ll get shot out from a cannon and directly into a concrete wall.

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