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It’s Probably More Nothing — Le Fly Wins Again

Markets are in turmoil. The breadth is rancid and all of the worst people are being interviewed on CNBC. FinTwit is lit aflame, as the TikTok cadre of specialized financial services file for Chapter 11. I, on the other hand, alongside my thousand traders in Exodus, stand before you unscathed, and triumphant.

It wasn’t always this way, lads. Before I upgraded to becoming “The Fly”, I was like you — a miserable sap — attempting to foray into trades — getting BTFO with explosive alacrity. I have worked at this for decades and can quit literally crush your fucking heads in my vice — if a vice was a trading contest. I have a precise idea what to do and those ideas have been AMPLIFIED by the steady and methodical building of Stocklabs. All of the metrics made available to me make it easier to identify the things I want to see; ergo, and this goes without saying — I fucking rampage throughout this marketplace like a loose gorilla in the midst of a field of peel bananas.

I am +1.4% for the day, up more than 2% on my Quant. How that is happening is beyond me — as I do not have control of it. But I will tell you this, the market is pricing in another lockdown. The numbers in Europe are getting dreadful again and although many of you FUCKHEADS believe this is all a global conspiracy to somehow take Bill Gate’s net worth over the trillion dollar barrier, this shit is something you have to contend with because as the weather cools and the capacity at hospital worsen, so will this crisis.

It’s worth noting, hospital and insurance stocks are down 8% today.

Today’s trades so far. At the open I was down 0.5%. When I went to 100% cash, I was down 0.12%. I have since traded in and out of several stocks and have a 65% allocation on the long side now.

(LIVX -8.5%)
(JNUG -7.9%)
(APRN -4.9%)
(CLNE -3.7%)
(VERI -3.6%)
(PLUG -3.3%)
PIC +14.45%
ZM +8.6%
XERS +8.4%
PTON +8.3%
NLS +4.1%
OSTK +3.54%
SPOT +0.2%
STMP +1.4%
(BLDP -3.5%)
ACRX +14.75%
DOCU +3.16%
NLS +1.6%
SFIX +1.4%
QDEL +1.3%
AXGT +3.1%
PEIX +4.3%

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