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Just When I Thought I Was Out, FOMO Pulled Me Right Back the Fuck In

After I sold my pastiche of inverse ETFs, I thought I’d stay in cash like a good boy, well disciplined — very Austrian like. That lasted all but 15 mins, and then I got FOMO, and then I razored myself right back into the cut, allocating ~50% of my assets into nonsense.

The net result was a gigantic circle jerk. I made back all of my losses from the inverses — but now own a bunch of nonsense into tomorrow’s guillotine. Bog standard, I’d gather my luck is running short — up 300% for the year — shitting on your local fund manager. The stock Gods prefer to lure winners back into the fold, make them feel comfy, just prior to slicing off their cocks and their heads.

I used to crave adversity because I thought it made me stronger, leaner, grittier. Now I just want peace and equanimity and endless wins on top of wins on top of wins.

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  1. spaceman

    You may be feeling sorry for yourself but you should be feeling sorry for me because I sustained HORRENDOUS LOSSES yesterday because I am LEVERAGED in my physical gold and silver stack and you might say HOW CAN COINS BE BOUGHT ON LEVERAGE and the answer is by taking out TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in collateral loans and I paid a MASSIVE PRICE yesterday and I am still in bed after 24 hours.

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    • richardweiner

      I read in market wizards Stanley Druckenmiller got rich swing trading gold coins.

      I just played with my WIENER and it sneezed MILK. My wiener is very content now. No more angst for wiener until morning.

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