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Stocks Trading Down is a Laughable Farce

Yields are edging up to -.56^, cryptos SMASHED, gold SMASHED and the market meh — down just 45 NASDAQS. Congress cannot agree on how much free money to offer Americans for staying at home and self destructing their businesses, all in the name of FEAR.

Hydroxy bros scream from the top of rooftops and no one hears them. Meanwhile, vaccineFAGS are lining up to give their kids HIGH DOSES of mercury, but simultaneously avoid eating tuna sandwiches while pregnant. The current state of America, and the world for that matter, is scattered brained shit.

Le Fly is a beacon of light in a vast ocean of blackness.

I am 16 for my last 19.

CLSK +8.2%
LI +12.3%
VRM +8.8%
LMND +5%
FNKO +2%
Z +1.5%
XNET +8.5%
MARA +5%
(HBI -2.6%)
CBAY +7.9%
CLNE +6.3%
OPTT +4.5%
MIDD +4.3%
MGM +4.3%
(MOGO -3.4%)
(CLF -4.9%)
PZZA +1.9%
JWN +1.8%
FTCH +1.1%

After my losing streak, I did not fold or break, or “take some time off.” Losers do that. I fucking applied myself and ate a bunch of guppies, small wins, confidence builders. Now I am ready again to BIG GAME FISH with harpoons and fucking shot guns. I hook those fish and then blow their brains out with a sawed off.

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  1. alty

    Anyone buying any SPACs? Or am I the only sucker writing blank checks.

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  2. oldmantrader

    The last two post perfectly encompass trading.

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  3. soonerxii

    the tuna sandwich line was sold af

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