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Gold Takes a Breather — Stocks Perhaps Might, Dare I Say, Drop Today

Gold is barely up and silver is lower by 1.5%, reversing another 6% gain last night, amidst the panic of DOLLAR COLLAPSE. You have to understand, this is a long term play. We are not talking about the up-ending of a small shitty country in the Pacific. We are talking about the largest empire in the world imploding on itself. No one can beat us, so we beat ourselves. This is how the world has always worked and will continue to operate until the planet explodes.

The dollar narrative is a stupid one, but rooted in strength. Whether it be military or economic, America has always exerted strength — until now. We export weakness, due to a sloppy and toxic culture of spoiled and entitled brats. All of this of course is unsustainable — but I’d be lying if I knew for sure and when we would COLLAPSE. Ultimately, we’re all just pissing in the wind. The long term trades are cocktail talk and very rarely should be acted upon. I trade what I see, when I see it. Most of my trades are long America. My only long term idea/hedge is ethereum.

It looks like my vacation affected by trading and now stare at JNUG reversed lower from a high of $182 last night. I had a 20% gain and now those gains are dissipating. The way gold works is staccato like moves higher, followed by large cliff jumps to wreck new money and hot money into the space. I might end up losing money on it before it’s all said and done.

Before I check out, I might take on a position or two in a trading stock, although I probably shouldn’t since I’ll be out for most of the session.

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