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Nasdaq Following Thru On the Downside; The Fly BOGGED

I’ve been trading like shit since yesterday, blowing trades and getting involved in bad ones. I had profits dissipate due to hubris and booked as losses today. Failed breakouts, reverses, and broke lower onto my fucking neck. NOT NICE, especially if the trends are about to change.

(GOGO -8.3%)
(WKHS -7.8%)
FIT +2%
(MVIS -9.4%)


BNTX +8%
(SAVA -12.8%)
(NBY -13%)

I show you these losses to demonstrate that I am in fact human and fallible. I too, like you, do stupid things and get lost sometimes, partake in careless adventures that really piss me the fuck off. When I trade like this, I hate myself. Even my inverses are sucking wind, which reminds me — I need to close them out.

In spite of the NASDAQ diving lower, small caps and banks are strong. Odds are, we reverse higher and splurge again — cuz why not. But we should be going lower — much lower — amidst ruin and violence on your city streets.

I wish I had better insight into Clown World. Alas, I’m just a man trying to juggle bowling pins on slippery ice littered with banana peels.

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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler

    The shootings and looting all makes perfect sense.

    You see the jewelry and electronics stores getting robbed only had rye bread and the people getting shot were only carrying white bread.

    But these animals only wanted WHOLE WHEAT.

    I suggest you carry a wide assortment of artisan breads on your person at all times. Or just one concealed hand gun.

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  2. bearile

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