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Huge Start to the New Year

The January effect is in place, super bullish, which bodes well for stocks. My tech index is +4.7%, Bubble Basket +5%, and numerous industries in health care are up more than 7%. I don’t have a bearish thing to say. Rates in in check, commodities are strong, as well as earnings. What is the bear case? Stocks have gone up too much?

Not really a strong argument.

One thing I can say is the froth is a little excessive. Just yesterday I booked two 30%+ winners in holds of only a few days. That’s not normal, obviously. It’s clear to me that stocks have been exhibiting some “irrational exuberance” — but then again — where else will the money go? People want yield. The wealth effect is real.

Look at how America operates. In other countries like Germany, doctors barely make $60k per annum. Here in Unites Steaks, they make $60k per mo, for starters. Surgeons make millions. How is that so? America permits these vandals to charge whatever they want, knowing both medicade and medicare will foot the bill for most of it. Essentially, America is borrowing money to pay the exorbitant fees of healthcare professionals, in order to boost the economy. That is just one facet of how government in this country works differently from others. The net result is $2k per mo health insurance and doctors living in 6,000 sq ft homes near the beach.


More like anointed.

I’ve got a few irons in the fire this morning, stocks shooting up in the pre-market. I also have numerous plans for the day. I’m also going to see 1917 today, God willing. I hate jingoistic movies that serve as propaganda, but I heard this one was great. It should be a great day for stocks, so enjoy it while you can. For very soon, the fires will come and they will burn bright and hot.

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  1. narwhal

    I definitely want the surgeon with my life on their hands to be paid a janitor’s wage.

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  2. numbersgame

    Fake news. Surgeons make 6-figures, plu you have to factor in MUCH lower malpractive insurance costs.


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