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Reminder: Markets Do Not Bottom On Friday’s

My son decided it would be wise to set his alarm for 5:30am this morning. That’s great, only that it didn’t wake him up at all. But it was quite effective at waking me.

I let the fucking dogs out in the yard and the coyote is always well behaved, looking after the other lap dog — who is a fucking idiot. Yesterday the idiot dog got stuck under the woodshed chasing some animal. She was there for about 20 mins with me yelling at her to crawl the fuck out. She had done this last summer and, in a panic, I nearly tore down the whole shed to free her. As I was axing away at the shed floor, the idiot dog decided to escape and run off.

Early this morning, the idiot did it again.

Futures are -200 and the FAZmobile is revved the fuck up — readying to skid off.

Market’s don’t bottom on Fridays. Enjoy your losses.

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  1. WrongView

    Didn’t they bottom on Monday? Isn’t the question whether they will top on Friday?

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  2. goose20

    Next time use BB gun if able to shoot in butt area, works every time. lol no joke

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