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Fly Buy: $FTCH, $FTDR, $SILK — $ELF

I put some money to work in some IPOs — buying FTCH, FTDR, SILK and I went all in on the crypto ELF. Try to stop me and I’ll rip your jaw off your face and light it on fire.

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  1. wolfdaddy

    Interm crypto top!

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  2. it is showtime
    it is showtime

    Oh time for the Heavy-Hitters. Here we come.
    Everyone readies for what the Heavy-Hitters
    will be saying. Here I am. As a Heavy-Hitter.
    What, will I say, as a Heavy-Hitter. Today.
    What will I have. What reverberation. What
    impact. Will be. As everyone waits for the
    Heavy-Hitters. What we have. Get ready for
    me as a Heavy-Hitter with input, today

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