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Sandwich Time — Market’s In Boring Mode — Traps Have Been Laid

Listen to me — the market isn’t really your friend. It wants to destroy you and remove your money from your accounts and into the accounts of important people. Men who pay taxes and employ others and spend money on grande parties and host Presidents and Kings. You’re all a bunch of faggots, wasting time and oxygen — attempting to craft out a little neat life for yourselves.

Markets surged today — but what about tomorrow? What will you do if stocks slump over and slip into a watery grave in the morning? Will you buy le dip, based off the premise that destroying the Chinese economy is GOOD for America? Will you buy stocks based off the idea that America doesn’t need Chinese goods?

Will you do it?

My inverse ETFs are getting lit the fuck up and, admittedly, I’m a bit salty about that. I remember looking at them yesterday, all with big ass gains, thinking ‘maybe I should sell them and take profits.’ And then I decided against it — because the allure of largess was too great for even me to withstand.

I do not want small gains. I speak of long term investing often here and I warn YOU that you’ll never get rich trading. But that shit doesn’t apply to ME. I will continue to increase my account values trading and I’m always on the lookout for a very large directional move. Bear in mind, these moves are NOT for YOU — but for ME.

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