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Fly Buys: $ZEN, $HUBS

You don’t have to buy these two stocks — but you should be fully long here — correlated with the market in stocks that go up when people are bullish. These two names, ZEN and HUBS, represent the very best in SAAS — a software industry brimming with growth and optimism.

I sold both of these stocks much lower — but that doesn’t stop me from delving, mind you, back in for the big run.

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  1. acehood

    Party’s over. Board the Ark.

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  2. edge

    As well as ZEN and HUBS have done, I still like GUSH, SOXL, and TQQQ better. But I may buy a little.
    As an aside, it would appear that Trump is on the side of OPEC, or at least wants higher oil. Makes sense, we’re a net exporter.

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