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New Plan of Attack: Buy All the IPOs

Wall Street is very fickle and trendy. When a trade works, fuckers dive into similar strategies in an effort to repeat their success. We’ve seen this happen in cannabis, blockchain, biotech, Chinese burritos, and any number of hot sectors running hot due to nothing but the mood.

Enter JMIA — ‘The African Amazon.’

The gains enjoyed in this stock happened so fast and with ease, it has replenished the coffers of many trader/degenerates trading fast and reckless. Those proceeds will not roll into PG or CLX, but into other fast sectors and stocks. I suspect the new trade will be recent IPOs. I’ve got screens running inside Exodus and have already nailed a few of these trades — presently betting on TUFN, VIOT and GSKY. There are others, mind you, and I am prepared to search for them until my eyes bleed.

The trade is simple. Find recent IPOs trading near 52 week highs and buy the fuck out of them.

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  1. roguewave

    Sounds like an interesting plan.
    I don’t have the skills or focus to execute such a strategy.

    PS OT I would normally post this in the Peanut Gallery; but it’s somewhat contrary to what’s there, so I don’t want to crash the party.

    Binance 2019 1st Quarter Profit Announced

    10/18/2017 $7,493,600

    1/15/2018 $200,010,143

    4/15/2018 $150,093,226

    7/18/2018 $163,484,787

    10/17/2018 $84,994,076

    1/16/2019 $47,334,295

    4/15/2019 $77,967,978

    A few fun facts about BNB (one of the top crypto exchanges).

    I believe Binance was established mid 2017. They raised $15 million in an ICO to get started. Their profits in their 1st quarter of operations – close to $7.5 million.

    The guy who started it had been building exchanges for 20 yrs.

    Great, the company makes a boatload of money; but what do the bagholders holding the BNB coin get? They are not owners. However, each quarter 20% of the profits are used to buy and burn BNB coins. Analogous to a stock buyback. The token holders are tied in.
    Such a burn, just occurred.

    So I ask you, how many businesses have the potential to grow several hundred fold over the next few years? (I own a little)


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  2. C. Montgomery Burns
    C. Montgomery Burns

    $LEVI going to 30$

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  3. irma vep

    Ack Ack!. Ack Ack Ack.

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    • irma vep

      Risk. [Maye a white dove means something else to them] 10 years kids. Stay alert!

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  4. irma vep

    Anyone speculate on “Live Hogs” or “Pork Bellies”?

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  5. numbersgame

    Awful idea. JMIA is already down 8% for the day.

    The big problem is that to make money you ahve to do twhings:
    1) Find a company that will liekyl grow
    2) Put a value on that company and buy its stock.

    Clearly, a Tesla Model S is a better car than a Chevy Spark. However, if I said you coulbuy a new saprk for $5000 or a new Tesla S for $300,000, which is a better deal?

    JMIA might be a perfectly good company, but the stock is way too expensive, as with most IPOs. UBER is going to be the same problem: lots’ of newbies pushing up the price.

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