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Congrats: $AMZN Withdraws Plans to Build HQ in NYC Due to Backlash

You fucking morons. This is a perfect example of stupidity on the grande scale, fomenting itself into a cancer that hurts the overall body of people in NYC. I could argue until I’m blue in the face that having Amazon in NYC, with plans to create 25,000 jobs at a median salary of $150,000, is a good thing.

Alas, no good deed goes unpunished and New York FAGGOTS, always complaining about something, actually got Amazon to ditch its plans to build there. I haven’t the slightest idea what the fuck their problem was — but now it’s a moot point. Enjoy the barren wastelands of Long Island City — NY faggots.

“By saying no to Amazon, New York City is essentially saying ‘no’ to any company that would consider coming to the city to do business,” Benaim said. “If we, as a city, reject this deal, we will send the message that New York City is closed for business.

Benaim has been a resident of Long Island City since 2006 and calls himself an “ambassador” for the city.

“If the Amazon deal falls through, it not only effects Long Island City but also New York City as a whole,” Benaim said. “Other businesses won’t be attracted to the area because they will know NYC kicked out the biggest company and rejected the biggest economic impact in the history of the state.”

And that economic impact would be huge. According to John H. Banks, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, Amazon’s pullout would mean losing out on tax revenues, jobs and overall economic growth across all five boroughs.

“From generating tens of billions in new tax revenue, to creating good-paying jobs, to supporting the real estate market, to making our economy more resilient, this project is absolutely critical for New York,” Banks said. “It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity to position our city and our economy for the future.”

Losing HQ2 would cost Long Island City and greater New York up to 40,000 jobs. Estimated revenues over the next 25 years from a local Amazon headquarters are estimated at $27.5 billion.

Greg Willett, chief economist for property management software firm RealPage, says the move would be more or less unprecedented.

“Turning down the creation of thousands of high-paying jobs is rare, if not completely unprecedented,” Willett said. “Cities generally chase those opportunities, evidenced by the hundreds of initial bids for Amazon HQ2. It’s not unusual for there to be some complaints about the magnitude of incentives offered in attracting big employers, but objections generally don’t come from within the staff of government officials.”

You have a tale of two cities in NY, with the elite comprising of the best society has to offer, both smart and industrious. Then you have the rest of NY, wastrels and malcontents — ordinary plebeian FUCKHEADS. Thank them for your loss, NYC.

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  1. mad marsupial

    Rumor has it, they are moving to Buford, Wyoming instead because of their talent pool… and flatulent cows.

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  2. edge

    If I was an oligarch I’d pick D.C.

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  3. metalleg

    Love your bottom tweet.

    Second to bottom posted on ZH…

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