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FLASH: Trump Admin DOUBLES Government Shutdown Cost to GDP by 0.1% Per Week

The effects of laying off 800,000 government workers, in addition to the private contractors who depend upon US govt money is going to start stinging to the tune of -0.1% per week — DOUBLE the previous estimate of -0.1% every two weeks.

With no end in sight and democrats deeply passionate about preventing a great big beautiful border wall on out souther border, it looks like a self-inflicted wound is more than likely now.

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  1. edge

    If the Democrats give in, Trump will become a monster. This isn’t about a wall. It’s about the Trump base’s penchant for authoritarianism.
    Trump needs to offer compromise. But that isn’t consistent with tyrants.

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    • hyperlink2myheart

      LOL… who let CNN in here?

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      • edge

        In other news, I’m doing well with my picks but I have no idea what in the hell is going on with the markets. Seems like they should be headed down.
        I’m still thinking next big move is down.

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    • chuck bennett

      Is this backward day?

      Trump is a monster already. The Dems will be hero’s when they give in.

      Trump WILL NOT give in. He simply has no choice but to hang on to what he believes is right.

      It’s hard to believe Building a wall is this big of a deal where they would put people out of work.

      No doubt it will work.


      Chuck Bennett

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    • numbersgame

      Like most bullies, Tyrants are cowards. Compromise does not work, they are just view it as weakness to take advantage off. You have to stand up to bullies. Looks like the Dems have developed a backcone. They told him to FO in response to his little luncheon tea party

      “The question everybody can reasonably ask: Is he inviting people to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to really try to resolve this problem?” House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) asked. “Or to create a photo-op to project a false sense of bipartisanship.”

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  2. one-eighty

    You run with slogans.
    You govern with facts.
    Crazy Donald doesn’t know the difference.

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