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FAANG Stocks Down $1 Trillion in Market Cap Since Peak

It was all fun and games until you lost a trillion dollars in an asinine acronym based investment plan. Blame Cramer — he started this shit with FANG. How many people got lured into those stock predicated upon the marketability of its catchy acronym? I bet a lot.

Thusly, losses are exaggerated to the downside, especially for mega cap tech, because of investor concentration.

Market capitalization losses since their 52-week highs:

Facebook: $250 billion
Amazon: $255 billion
Apple: $222 billion
Netflix: $63 billion
Alphabet: $155 billion

As soon as the market opens, losses would have exceeded $1 trillion since the top.

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  1. roundwego

    Wow, this melt down us very machine like. This market is emotionless. No humans left.

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