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Amazon Unveils A Bunch of New Shit For the House

I was able to fetter away into a dark corner of my house, after scrubbing the toilets clean, to report news that Amazon is going to start selling a bunch of shit for the household, and also one thing for the car.

The most retarded electronic device will be the Amazon microwave, which I will buy because it’s $59 and I’d like my friends to be jealous of it.

Also, they’re gonna sell some Alexa styled thingy for the car, a receiver, sub woofer, and also much better and louder Echo speakers.

One other thing is household security — they’re doing that too. Read about all of these pleasant things, and more, here.

I see stocks bouldering higher — flattening out all semblances of bears. I’m 70% cash, so effectively not participating. That’s all well and good, since I have a mind for being idle during periods of transition. The SAAS sector isn’t so hot today and a lot of momo money is still in pot and also alt energy plays. Everyone is now searching for new pot plays, reminiscent of the blockchain days. I should probably do some more research and tell the wife to quit ham and egging me. “The Fly” has a destiny to fulfill and shouldn’t be subjugated to a third class life filled with toil and unnecessary labour.

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