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Nine for Last Nine — But I Feel Like Absolute Refuse

I mucked up this NIO trade 10 ways till Sunday. First, I should’ve sold it in the after-hours last night; but I was busy at the fucking mall buying textiles. Then the stock cratered and I doubled down, and once again failed to sell it when it spiked +10% from my basis. Now the stock is off by 10% and I’m contemplating holding it over the long hard and cold weekend.

Second, I knew QTT would lift off. The stock shot out of the gates and was trading ~12, but I didn’t buy any because I was fully invested and also because I had too much shit on the books, namely NIO.

So here I am now, holding my dick in hands — looking at my past 9 booked trades and feel dreadful about it.

Here’s the rundown.

CLF +10.1%
GWRE +2.5%
K +2.7%
CLX +1.7%
SPOT +3.1%
QUOT +3.2%
AYX +2.97% (double sized)
VRTU +3.7%

They’re mostly small gains over short holding periods. I now have 10% cash and a portfolio filled with excess risk.

Meanwhile, my quant portfolio, which comprises of 75% of my investable dollars, is higher by 77bps — stress free and with a dignified air.

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  1. ferd

    From last night: “Trump, Tepper believes, will probably slap tariffs on most, if not all, of the Chinese goods streaming into the US. And when that happens, stocks could experience a pullback in the range of 5% to 20%.” Prescient?

    Perhaps today’s ‘tariffs no matter what the negotiations produce’ will be longer lasting in effect than prior posturings.

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  2. soupbone

    High level assholism here this orange fella. Steal your wallet and then help you try find it. And all cultures are created in the image of New York and are to be measured and managed as per New York. Oh for fuck sakes.

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