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What’s Cooking This Sunday Evening?

Last night I cooked breakfast for dinner — panned cakes, eggs in a basket inside very thickly cut tuscan bread, fried chicken, and thickly cut bacon. I probably ingested 2,000 calories and consider myself a better man for it.

Over the past few months, I’ve focused my obsessive energies in two directions.

1. Making Exodus better. Doing demos, educational emails etc.
2. Cooking

I’ve always been a competent cook, but mostly by instinct. I never had formal training and I never took it seriously. Like most men, I’d slap a few steaks on the grill, sauté a few onions in a pan, pour myself a healthy amount of red win, and then consider myself to be the best chef who ever lived.

I never cared about the quality of my knives or materials that have been acquired over the years, sitting in my kitchen cabinets.

Boy was I missing out on a lot of creative fun.

I realize cooking takes a lot of time and many of you do not have the intellectual capacity to follow rigid rules and understand the discipline involved in properly preparing food. You’d rather venture out into the streets for tacos or hot slices of greasy pizza. Sad.

I will share with you today two terrific resources I’ve been immersing myself in on the Youtube.

French Cooking Academy with Stephan

Chef Pasquale

Chef Pasquale is off the wall entertaining. He reminds me of my grandfather and he loves to cook great food. I get the sense he was a chef when he was younger. Stephan is a regular French guy living in Australia who is learning how to cook in real time by following an Escoffier recipe book.

Today I’m cooking Beef Bourguignon, which is basically beef stew in a wine and beef stock sauce. The key, of course, is the ingredients — such as making your own stock and procuring the best cuts of beef and pork — and following the steps correctly.

What are you eating tonight, hotted dogs?

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  1. s.k.

    Sounds fantastic.

    Shrimp and scallops simmering in a Jalfrezi curry here. Served with Jasmine rice and naan bread.

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  2. soupbone

    Greek egg and lemon soup with orzo.

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  3. zeena

    Thank you!!! 🙂 I have watched a few videos of those fellows!!! So awesome!!

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  4. mrcharlie

    Senor Fly, you gotta check our Jacques the man is an institution, especially his 30 minute meals! Super easy, youll look like a rockstar in front of wifey. This one is delicious


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