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Here’s How to Use the Hybrid Oversold/Overbought Oscillator in Exodus

Everything in Exodus is visual — tailor made for this new world of ADD afflicted millennials. I send out emails to members of Exodus on a weekly basis showcasing features in great detail. Since it’s a Friday and I’m feeling good about my positions, I’ll show you the Hybrid oscillator for sectors and how one might use it to gauge markets and trade off it.

This oscillator is our predictive element and it is available in all industries and sectors. Here you can clearly see that the Tech sector was very distressed on 4/2. I’d argue that if many of you saw this, it might’ve coerced you into a full long positions, no?

The data for the Qs corroborates what I just showed you in the oscillator.

And it went straight up after that — paying for everyone’s membership for the next 2-3 years.

Any questions?

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  1. Fidel Cash Grow

    Why when you buy a stock, do you never cite Exodus scores as part of your rationale? Or at least I’ve never noticed…

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