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Momentum Stocks Correcting Hard; Old Man Stocks Surge

We’ve seen an orderly transition out of momo stocks and into old man stocks this week. It started off grande, continuing the decadence of last week — but ended miserably, with many stocks down between 10-30% in just a few days.

Here are some sell offs that have caught my attention.

NEW -29%
HUYA -26%
SOGO -21%
CBLK -24%
ZUO -19%
SMAR -19%
APPN -16%
OSTK -13%
GRUB -9%

Any dip buyers out there?

On the upside are the old men.

KR +14%
CVS +7%
WBA +6%
CPB +4%
KHC +4%
TR +4%

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  1. mensch

    If you consider big oil old man stocks as I do, throw XOM CVX RDS et al in there too

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  2. C. Montgomery Burns
    C. Montgomery Burns

    BILI has AIDS

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  3. rangersfan

    adding TAP and PZZA

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