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Reminder: The Stock Gods Are Trash

Actually, they’re less than trash. They’re nothing at all — a fiction conjured up by weak manlets who can’t even bench their own weight. I stand here and I write to you, lost souls across the internets, a confident man — even in the face of an unmitigated and non-neogitable sell off.

I too have stocks trading lower. My UMRX is off by 10% and DDD is off about half that amount and only my hedges and GPRO have proven to be worthy, in addition to my Canadian pot stocks. But I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that the stock gods are faggots, shitposters who only seek to scare you with their menace. “The Fly” is his own man, a God in a sense, and is in control of his own destiny.

All stocks purchased under my auspices shall take off and travel higher. It’s not a question of if, but when. Your advisorFAGS are busy printing out sheets of paper to create feminine care packages for their prospects, attempting to convince them they have an idea what stocks do.

I don’t need any of that shit — for I have an army over 1,000 strong who’ve bore witness to extreme winship of monumental importance.

We’re not done winning. We will sell our DRIP and SOXS hedges for profit and then reenter SAAS with an angry disposition intended to hurt short sellers.

Since tomorrow is Friday, aka lazy man’s hedge fund Monday, we’ll probably need to wait until Monday to see a substantive market turn.

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  1. juice

    Fly, I wish you’d take a break from stock-winning and humbling the stock gods to discuss politics, geo-politics, etc …. and write an obit like https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/a-lover-of-death-gets-his-wish-neocon-charles-krauthammer-dead-at-68-1736d604c9dc

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