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I Keep Buying Stocks — Nothing Can Stop Me — Cash Down to 30%

These are headlines designed to draw out my haters. Much to my chagrin, they’ve made themselves scarce these days, probably preferring their heroin needles and their bottles of booze rather than messing with the man inside of the FUCKING TIME MACHINE.

Listen to me now, for I will not repeat myself.

Markets will go higher.

Even if markets go down, I’ll still go higher.

I bought CRON, DDD, and GPRO this morning from the dentist’s office.

Now I bought OKTA and COUP — cash levels reduced to 30%.

Hell, you can see my stocks. After all, Exodus is now open for free trials for anyone who wants to try it for 7 days. You can look at my quant picks and see that they’re up 1.2% today, absolutely crushing the SPY.


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  1. ferd

    Virtue signalling costing SBUX shareholders $billions today.

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    • cancel19

      True that. I just want good tasting overpriced coffee and not man buned baristas preaching social justice dog shit to me!

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