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I Bought 3 New Stocks — Here’s Your Chance to Try to Stop Me

I’m 32 for my last 33. Your attempts to stop me have thusly failed, rather miserably. Being the generous man I am, I present to you another chance at vengence. Instead of buying great companies at high valuations, I am buying piece of shits at high valuations.

Ergo, your chance to stop me.

I bought CRON, GPRO, and DDD.

That’s right, fucked face. I bought a pot stock, a stupid helmet camera, and some 3D printer, designed for retards who want to manufacture iPhone cases in their cellars.

It’s also worth noting that my CGC reversed lower and is down and I am also down from my basis on both DDD and CRON. This could be the very beginning of the end of Le Fly.

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  1. xela

    Great stock picks?
    Idk .
    But get ready markets are about to topple over.

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