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Closed Out $OSTK — No Interest in Dead Money

OSTK has a real issue breaking thru $40. I sold it this morning for a 2.7% gain. This brings my winning record to 15 out of the last 16 closed trades, 25 of 28.

With some of the proceeds, I am in APPN (already +1.50) and SMAR. There are several others that I am stalking, but generally speaking, I am waiting for my present holdings to achieve greatness.

I have high expectations for BILI, EVBG, CBLK, and FIVN.

If both APPN and SMAR win, my record will be 17 of 18, 27 of 31, a feat unmatched in all of the internets. The great thing about it, no one can deny this level of winship — since all trades are timestamped inside Exodus — you absolute faggots.

Take the L and never visit this website again.

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