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Taking Small Plebian Gains After Hit With Mallet

I sold out of my newly acquired HUYA position, accepting small plebeian 5% gains. Normally I’d let this stock run, since it’s a new issue and because I think it goes higher — but I am not in a position to take risks, following getting my SOXS knocked the fuck off.

Additionally, I sold out of my OSTK position for another 5% gain, again not because I think it’s done going higher, but instead of preserve a semblance of my former glory, reminiscing over times when I’d book 100% gains in blockchain related stocks in the halcyon days of 2017.

With the proceeds, I’m going to cash.

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  1. it is showtime
    it is showtime

    Hawaii didn’t blowup yet? Borrrrrrrrinnnnng

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  2. juice

    stop being so god-damned honest, Monsieur le Fly, and lie about big-dicked gains like everyone else in the twitterati-blogosphere … and politics … and media … and .. and … and

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