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Listen to me. I am tired and need to go take a nap. The market isn’t going to hurt me. No idea what it has in store for you — but I’m sure it’s not good.

I bought some VERI and a hedged a little with LABD — betting against science. I’ve never been a ‘fan’ of science and instead prefer ritualistic spells and magic. I once cured my broken arm with a simple pagan spell, which included a rather easy blood sacrifice to the gods.

I am short MUH medicine.

The VERI trade is pure alpha, so that trade might very well go sideways and out on me. I angled into that thing at about 33 degrees, hoping to come out at 90 — but I might have to a 180 and flip out of that fucker — should the waters get rough.

Off to nap for a few.


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  1. infinitezuul

    Somewhat OT, but remember in 2013 that all headlines with respect to rising rates were about “The Great Rotation” from bonds into stocks? Stocks went up, but so did bond prices [after a spell].

    Make The Great Rotation Great Again

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  2. joyous__ending

    I’m not forcing anything here.
    I started the year off short bonds TMV, PST are good, and long oily things, plenty to choose from there. If you are a yield homo or want your grandmother to stop dumpster diving to survive, buy her some AMPL under $10

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    • jonnybegood2

      you mean AMLP? I’d hate from gramma to get a K1. She’d likely toss it and get in trouble with the IRS. She’d prolly prefer i got her an ETN like MLPI or AMJ. But with the possible loss of preferential tax treatments on some of the mlps all may be a bit risky for gramma.

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