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Morning Poppers (Hawking is Dead Edition)

Stephen Hawking is dead and I am sure he’s probably really happy about that, having been subjugated to that fucking chair and robot voice for all of those years. I suppose we can thank him for his work on black holes and atheism — gifts that keep giving.

Dow futures are +100, Nasdaq +44 — because I went short biotech into the close. Other than that, there is nothing holding the market back from supreme greatness — crushing the hearts and souls of orcs from middled earth everywhere.

Since I’ve gotten off that ridiculous vegan diet, I’ve been consuming meat with extreme vigor and tenacity — making up for the 9 months that passed meatless and without my balls. Well, I am happy to report to all of you useless folks out there — I’ve recaptured my balls and am prepared to use them to further my crusade.

Here are some other headlines this morning.

Silicom Limited target lowered to $50 at Needham — Reaction looks overdone, buy the dip
Story Stocks: Broadcom Stands Down from Qualcomm Acquisition Bid
Restoration Hardware upgraded to Outperform from Mkt Perform at Raymond James
Century Aluminum upgraded to Overweight from Neutral at JP Morgan

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  1. sarcrilege

    Stephen Hawking was 76, he probably lived about 45 years longer than the stupid medical establishment predicted at that time.

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    • juice

      imo, he was a victim of mercury poisoning via his mouth full of mercury amalgam fillings

      long live $HSIC at the expense of all its mercury amalgam poisoned victims

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