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Here Are Today’s Brand New Crypto Proxies

We’ve been compiling an extensive list inside Exodus. Since it’s the holiday season, I will be charitable and share with your our research.

Here are stocks moving higher today on news or crypto exposure or actual crypto exposure that is just now being realized by degenerates.

OTIV +100%
DSS +89%
NXTD +39%
CLNT +29%
NVFY +12%
MCB +7%

There are a slew of others. But thus far, those are the only one’s I actually moved into a crypto sector inside Exodus.

Feel free to share your own.

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  1. sarcrilege

    Good plays with credible and charismatic team like this one will be tough to find,

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  2. og

    Who needs Vegas when you have crypto?

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  3. sarcrilege

    There’s a certain blogger on here that got booted off Fakebook recently for pointing out the fakedness of Chucky “cheese” Schumer and soon Twatter for calling faggots and homos, wait for it…, faggots and homos.

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    • sarcrilege

      Pepe the Frog got booted off Twatter too – for expressing anti-Semitism. Nobody can make this shit up, nobody; other than the choosenites who label anything they hate anti-semitic.

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      • slowmo

        SAC: Don’t worry, our favorite Nazi scum, you still have a platform here.

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