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Bitcoin Proxy Stocks Blast Off Again

While the run in Bitcoin and cryptos have been on the headlines of every financial publication in the world, a little known sub-sector has been gaining steam. These are little offals that changed their name or business practice to cater to the crypto-markets. These little fuckers, in many regards, have increased in value at a higher rate of return over the past month than many cryptos.

Because I am obsessive and have a terrific community of like minded folks in the hallowed halls of Exodus, I’ve compiled a short list of names that have exposure to the crypto space.

Here’s what I got so far, in addition to their 1 mo returns.

MARA +294%
RIOT +183%
GROW +70%
SRAX +69%
SSC +52%
XNET +7.5%
OSTK +3.5%


Aside from GBTC, the only other ETF with Bitcoin exposure is ARKK, who owns a little GBTC, as well as other stuff.

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  1. tonka

    There was a time when my largest position ($URA) moving over 4% in a day would’ve meant something.

    Now if I’m not compounding my account at 10% per day, apparently I’m falling behind.

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  2. badduck

    Not sure you left out the King of all bitcoin plays $CRCW, $18-$642 in 2 weeks.

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  3. lapens

    I realise it’s early, but is there an ETA on Exodus including the cryptos? I’d be more than happy to help out with testing, if that is required.

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  4. bushwacker2

    Those stocks are worse than the Chinese Burritos. Good Lord.

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