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Bitcoin 6,000, Dow 24,000: Will It Ever Stop?

The short answer is no. I just completed this week’s buys/sales and was chagrined to learn I was flat for the week — thanks to this bastard of a stock CELG hemming me in with ruinous losses. The SPY went up by 0.55% this week, so the underperformance wasn’t too drastic. I endeavor to make up for said shortfalls in the coming week, through my new portfolio, which is betwixt in the $5-10b market cap quintile.

It’s worth noting, small caps traded down this week, which is odd — since we’re all bulled up and ready to go.

Speaking of which, Bitcoin surpassed 6,000 today.

This is bigly. Congrats to all of you vile subhumans who’ve been long. I’ve got a multi-trillion dollar equity market to tend to. See yourselves out the front door.

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  1. sarcrilege

    Central banks, i.e. Russian, Chineez, Iran, SA are buying and hoarding gold. Big money is in equities. And the peasants are fleeing fiat in Zimbabwe, Venezuela or else gamble in BTC. And so is NK. What gives? Probably not going to find the answer here….just thinking out-loud.

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  2. lastbid

    Fly seriously.
    I don’t want to read fag words like bigly and betwixt coming to your site.
    I know you don’t give a shit. So fuck off.
    Very sad.

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  3. bushwacker2

    All this speculation in bitcoin and stocks is being driven by liquidity. As long as global central banks continue to supply it, it won’t stop. Kids keep eating the candy when it’s given to them.

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