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Go Tell Your Friends and Family to Short the Banks

One of my favorite pastimes, back during the financial crisis, was to short the banks. Boy how I miss those halcyon days, the blue mist of cataclysm and the end of western finance. Alas, since then, all has been fine on the bankers front. Worldwide, we’ve entered a renaissance of economic steadiness.

Obviously, some win more than others. Those who dig for coal or clean chimneys for a living haven’t faired too well. But for those of us in finance, software, or legal, this economy has been splendid.

Setting that aside for the moment, it appears the little banksters have gotten ahead of themselves, yet again, and are overdue a stern talking to — a courrection even.

Observe the OB/OS oscillator of Exodus.

Sector: Financial

Industry: Money Centers

Henceforth, you should be barreling into shares of FAZ, inside the FAZmobile, for rapid transit to profit. I was supposed to stop out of this thing at $16. But I am giving it a little rope here, considering how stretched the finnies are at these exorbitant levels.

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  1. stuckcity

    FAZ-BOT (margin)

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  2. gappingandyapping

    Bought it, don’t let me down blue.

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  3. skalliwag

    Fly, do you have a screen in Exodus that helps you find charts like this?

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