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Retail Stocks Explode to the Upside in An Otherwise Moribund Day

Who’s ready to jump back into shopping mall stocks?

SHLD is higher by 10.3%, M +3%, CONN +11%, TLYS +4.6%, ANF +4,4%, GES +3%, RH +4.3%. Look at all of them gains.

Separately, AMZN broke $1,000 to the upside, based off market share gains in the shopping mall.

In other words, retail stocks are shooting higher because traders think losing market share to Amazon is somehow an enticing proposition for profits.

For the youngsters out there, please know that, eventually, fundamentals mean something. The day to day fluctuations are often misinterpreted and trades are mistaken for trends.

This is the true state of retail.

AMZN v M over the past 5 years.

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  1. natehois

    $NFLX beat. FAANG life is a good life.

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  2. it is showtime

    To Elucidate
    The deep state knows everyone thinks it’s a Trump rally since Nov.
    They are yanking it leg after leg higher under that pretense

    Really?: The computer generated reversals at 10am
    3 times last week are part of the Trump rally?

    So it’s in perception-only. Deep state is
    Not on the trump team, yet creating
    a higher and higher mountaintop
    using trump to do so.
    Get the game ?

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  3. it is showtime

    Fuck M. Fuck Karen Finerman.

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